Happy Nurses Week!


I am so happy to say that I am half way through my RN program!!!

This past year has been amazing and I am so blessed to have been able to do all of the things that I have this past year!

This time last year I was stressed and I was putting in my 2 week notice at work to go to school full-time.

I never thought that leaving a secure career of over 16 years would be so hard, yet so rewarding at the same time!

As soon as I left my job and started focusing on school and my new adventure into essential oils, things started to take off!

I have never worked in the medical field and getting my foot in the door in a hospital has been on my mind for months!

In March of this year I applied for a volunteer position at one of our local hospitals (one I dream of working in someday) and I started volunteering within 2 weeks of applying.

My position as a volunteer is giving me great patient contact, as well as contact with the RN’s on the unit.

I knew that the hospital was working on an essential oils program for their patients and I am looking forward to learning more about it.

This week being Nurses Week, I have been asked to help out with Spa Day for the nurses and share my essential oils for stress and relaxation with them.

I am very honored to be able to do this as a volunteer, but also as an RN student!

Spa Day

I know that the next year of school is going to go by just as fast as the first year did if not fast and I am so ready to be out on the floor with my fellow RN’s!

Speaking of fellow RN’s, I am so happy to have been able to network with some amazing RN’s and I am honored to be featured on Nurseborn.com this week for Nurses Week!

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Peace, Love, & Hugs!


Julia McCabe


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