Weight Loss Surgery (WLS) is an area that I have a lot of experience in, not only as a nurse, but as a patient. In fact my own personal experince with WLS is one of the big reasons that I became a nurse many years ago.

Some of you may know about my surgery and some of may not, as it is just part of life now and I do not write much about it anymore. Over the past 17 years since my surgery, I have mentored numerous people both pre and post op. I am in many Facebook groups for WLS and I help answer questions when I can when I see people ask about long term results.

Which is why I am beyond excited for my long time friend of over 30 years Teri who is having her WLS on Thursday this week! I cannot wait to see her Rock her WLS journey!

I wish I had more pictures of us from our younger years on my computer, but I was able to find 2 of my favorite ones from 2006 and 2015. Now, I will let Teri share her story with you!

Weight Loss Surgery…I can’t believe it’s finally happening!

“A lifetime of being overweight!  My earliest fat memory is eating cake at a birthday party at the age of 9.  There is a photo of me stuffing a big fat bite in my mouth! I have seen some photos prior to that and I was chunky in them, but not really anything beyond toddler cute chunky.  Honestly though, I can’t recall many photos between the ages of 5 and 9.  But 9, that is MY first real fat memory.  And I am now approaching 47 next month. I have always been a few sizes larger than my friends in school.  They would be a cute 5-7, I was a large 12.  HATED IT!  As an adult, I recall hitting my lowest 142 after a devastating breakup at the age of 20.  Then I recall hitting my next lowest 152 at the age of 35 (and that was post two kids and nursing school skinny).  The highest I recall hitting was post nursing school at 223 at the age of 33.  I did a lot of work to get from that 223 to 152.  It never stuck though. I always lose and gain back more eventually.  

I hit my next highest 226 at the age of 42 and post covid high at the age of 46 was 241!

I just CAN’T!  ANYMORE!  Decided I am done!  And I need help!  I am sick of the fucking roller coaster of losing and gaining more and losing less and gaining even more!  It is SO bad for my body.  I am one of the lucky ones so far though! I am borderline hypertensive at times without a diagnosis and border hypertriglyceridemia without a diagnosis and basically borderline prediabetic, also without a diagnosis.  As a nurse, I know what values to watch.  Never had a doctor mention those things to me, but I see my numbers creeping up!  And damn, as an ER and PACU nurse, I have seen what diabetes and hypertension and high cholesterol can do!  Hypertension leads to strokes.  I do not fucking want one of those!  Hyperlipidemia can lead to cardiac cath, ehhh, that’s not soooo bad but bypass, yeah no thanks! And diabetes that shit leads to peripheral neuropathy and amputations and sores that never heal!  Hell to the NO! I am STOPPING this shit before that shit happens!  And I have proven I just CANNOT do it on my own!  So RNY here we come!

Currently, two pounds over my set goal weight by my doctor, so freaking a bit about that! Liquid diet, lots of water and laxatives are happening!  Awaiting my covid test result…that crap better be NEGATIVE!  I have been fighting that crud off with the FLCCC protocol for months now. 

I am excited!! Last week I was anxious, nervous and teary-eyed as all heck!  More to come on that and why I chose the RNY over the Sleeve later!  For now….work-since I won’t be doing any of that for a short bit after tomorrow!

Surgery is 11/11/21.  That’s a sweet date!  Prayerfully, a lucky, safe one too!”

You can follow Teri’s WLS Journey on Instagram and her Blog

Teri – I am SO Freaking Proud of You and Excited to see you Crush your Goals!!! WLS was life changing for me and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat!!! I Love You! 💗

Peace, Love, & Hugs

Julia McCabe, RN

Herald, Ca


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