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As I enter my final quarter of nursing school, I am grateful for the amazing nurses that I have met and worked with along my journey. During the last 2 years, I have learned that becoming a nurse is not something that everyone can do. Nurses are a special breed of people and I am so glad that I have grown into the person that I always wanted to be.

Going back to school part time at 37 and working full time for 3 years was extremely challenging, but so was starting nursing school at 40 and leaving a full time career of over 16 years. Our life has been put on hold for the last 5 years, but it will be WELL WORTH IT once I am finished in June!!!

Over the past 2 years, I have been building my wellness business and I have been networking with other nurses who are also Nurse Entrepreneurs via Facebook. If you are a nurse or a nursing student who is looking for other ways to help your patients, I cannot recommend Andrew Lopez’s Facebook group ENOUGH! Not only have I found other amazing nurses that are building a business to help others, but I have found numerous ways nurses can help others inside and outside of the hospital.

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Nurse’s week is coming up in May and I have been invited to a special event that Elizabeth Scala is putting on to help other nurses and nursing students. I am looking forward to her event as I am still finding the nurse that I am meant to be! I would LOVE for YOU to join me in learning more about How to Navigate the Shifting Healthcare Environment and Still Enjoy Your Nursing Career!

As a bonus, if you are a licensed nurse and you join Elizabeth’s Art of Nursing 2.0, you will be will be awarded nine credit hours for completing the Art of Nursing. Details for Continuing Nursing Education (CNEs) can be found on the bottom of the sign up page. In doing so, you will earn CE’s that are need for license renewal and you will renew your nursing career! I hope you will join The Art of Nursing 2.0, as it is sure to uplift you and your nursing career!

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Peace, Love, & Hugs!


Julia McCabe



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  1. Thank you for sharing, Julia. And way to go with your nursing degree!! We need more nurses just like you. I am so glad that we met via Andrew’s Facebook group. Collaborating with like-minded nurses certainly is an uplifting experience and a sure-fire way to enjoy the nursing profession. Thanks for the article and I look forward to sharing the event with you all. If anyone is interested, or has questions, you can contact me at support (at) elizabethscala (dot) com. (In addition to the individual ticket, there is opportunity for organizations to participate as groups!)

    1. Thank you for opening your event to everyone Elizabeth!!! I am so glad we met via Andrew’s Facebook group! Starting nursing school and a new wellness business the same week has taken some work,but I am so glad that I am doing it together and learning from amazing nurses like you! I am looking forward to your event and learning more about our amazing profession! 🙂

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