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Do you have those nights when you cannot think of what to make for dinner, but you want something that is super yummy and super easy? More often than not, we have those types of night here at Green Acres! Since we are too busy to plan most meals ahead of time we are always having the “What’s for dinner?” conversation at some point during the day. Since casseroles are usually fairly easy to put together and make gobs, we have our “go to” favorite! Which also happens to be a family favorite! 🙂 The number 1 thing I like the most about this recipe is that I normally have most, if not all of the items needed in the kitchen. 🙂 I do tend to keep my cupboards a little overstocked, but that is not normally a bad thing. 🙂

Jackpot casserole is very simple to put together and fairly quick to get in the oven. Since I have been making it for YEARS, I normally can get it in the oven in about 15 minutes and then on the table in less than an hour from start to finish.


So without further prolonging this post here is the how to part! 🙂


In a skillet brown or oven proof pan ground beef, season to taste, add corn, soup, and water. Bring to a slight boil and add noodles. Stir and cook until noodles are slightly tender. Add 2 cups of cheese, 3/4 of     the olives and stir until fully incorporated. If not using an oven proof pan, transfer into a casserole dish. Top with remaining cheese and olives and then place into a preheated oven. Bake at 350  until bubbly around edges and noodles are tender for 30 to 45 minutes, depending on the depth of pan. This make 6 to 8 servings depending on the size of the serving.



Ground beef, lean, 16 oz

Garlic Salt, 1 tsp

Minced Onions, 1 tbsp

Black Pepper, 1 tsp

Yellow Corn, 1 can drained

Creamed Corn, 1 can

Campbell’s Tomato Soup, 2 cans

Water,  2 cans (rinse soups cans)

Egg Noodles, 1 12 oz bag

Cheddar or Colby Cheese, 3 cup, shredded, divided

Black Olives, 1 can, chopped, divided




This recipe can be made completely gluten free by using gluten free rice or quinoa pasta and gluten free tomato soup.


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