Meet The Crew!

A City Girl’s Journey to Wellness!

It feels like it has taken me 40 years to find myself!

As an overweight child I always felt like there was a skinny me inside and I longed for true happiness.

I have gone from one extreme to the other looking for happiness.

I may not ever see the number on the scale that my brain says “That’s It!” but I know the numbers that I NEVER want to see again!

Join me in my next adventure in life – Nursing School while maintaining a small 4.5 acre farm!

Oh Boy!

This is going to be FUN!!! 🙂

Meet Our Crew! 


Julia being silly!


Tharon doing what he loves!


Tharon & Julia in Kona, HI


Tharon & Julia – Oldie, But Goodie


Tharon, Deere, & Julia


Julia, Little Bit, Tucker, & Tharon






Billy & Tucker

DSC07624 DSC07622

John & Deere


Mike & Ike


Feeding Time



Green Acres Chickens & Eggs

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  1. Shout out to a fantastic girl.Julie you just keep amazing this family.OUR family is so blessed for sure.Your blog is fantastic. Great recipes an info.Please keep it up.You go girl. God bless you,and God bless our family………:) Colli

    1. Thank you Colli!!!!! I am so glad you like my blog! I have been wanting to do this for a while and I finally did it. I am very blessed to be a part of our Amazing Family!!!! ❤

  2. Julie, Your Mother and I are so Proud of you. You and Tharon have something Very Special that is built from Love. Thanks for helping to keep us healthy, it is working! ♥

  3. JUlia, you and Tharon have started a wonderful farm home for yourselfs and all of your critters. I am very proud of all of your efforts

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