Are you Obsessed with Essential Oils?


2 years ago today I became an Young Living Essential Oils Member!

I am BEYOND Obsessed!!!


I started using oils for my stress due to working full time and going to school part time.

I had tested and applied for an RN program the day after I turned 40 in September of 2012.

I had been stressing about getting in the program and how we were going to make things work if I got in since we needed my income for bills due to purchasing a 2nd home.

Things were NUTS around here and I was having lots of challenging days at work.

I had been talking to a friend of mine that was using oils with her daughter who had just been diagnosed with Autism and she suggested that I talk to her friend about oils to help with my stress.

Thankfully, I picked up the phone and called to inquire about the oils and I signed up with a starter kit that night!

Within a week of getting my starter kit, I got the call from the school that I applied to and I got in the RN program!

I started posting little things here on Facebook about how the oils were helping me and a friend that I had never met in person, but we knew each other from a diet group on Facebook asked me about what I was using and we started chatting about oils.

She signed up a week after I started my RN program and now her and I have grown our team that started with just her and I to over 640 people!!!

She has fallen in LOVE with the oils and she has become Gold within 18 months with YL!

I am still working my way to Silver, but I am not able to do the classes like she is due to school.

Needless to say, once I am finished with school in June, I will be ramping up my YL business even MORE!!!!!

Would you to join us?

If you would like to learn more please contact us and we can chat.

Peace, Love, & Hugs!


Julia McCabe
Herald, CA

Disclaimer Notice:
The information contained in this announcement is intended for educational purposes only and is not meant to substitute for medical care or to prescribe treatment for any specific health condition