Greener Spring Cleaning With Homemade Laundry Soaps!!

Spring break is here for us and we are trying to catch up on being CRAZY BUSY in nursing school.

During my 12 week quarters I have to set aside things that I would normally do and I play catch up during my breaks.

This break between quarters is my last break before my last 3 months of nursing school and I am trying to clean to get the house ready for another 3 months of slacking off. 😉

Since I am always looking for new green ways to clean, I came across a handful of homemade laundry soaps blogs that I think are great and I just have to share them!

I found an amazing website, HomeTalk that I did not know about until a few weeks ago and I made a board for all of the laundry soap recipes to keep them all together!


Click on the picture above and it will take you to the board that I make for quick reference back to these amazing recipes!

If you have never cruised around on HomeTalk’s website before, you are in for a real treat!

The website is it is like Pinterest, but for home and garden, and so much fun to see what others are doing with their DIY projects!!!

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Peace, Love, & Hugs!



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