OMG! I Passed! I Am Now An RN!!!!

rn lic

Holy Moly!!!

I seriously do not even know where to begin on how to explain how I feel right now.

I am beyond relieved, but stressed, exhausted, and overwhelmed!

Today has been a whirlwind of emotions that have gone from fear to excitement to exhaustion.

The last 5 years have been leading up to today and now that it is here, I am a bit overwhelmed.

I have spent many days and nights studying at the kitchen table while my friends and family were going about their lives as my life was put on hold the best I could due to nursing school.

Going back to school at the age of 37 with ZERO college credits and starting night school while working full time during the day was not something that I ever thought I would be able to do.

However, I was determined to do it and succeed so that I could better myself and help others.

Little did I know just how difficult nursing school would be and how it would turn into a full time job while trying to juggle family life.

The 3 years leading up to the nursing program while doing my pre req’s was not a walk in the park, but they were cake walk compared to starting the nursing program at 40!

Even though there were many of days when I wanted to throw in the towel when things got tough during the last 9 months of school, I am so glad that I stuck it out and completed the program!

I graduated  June 16, 2015, I waited 6 weeks before I was able to schedule my state board exam and then another 4 weeks before taking my exam.

During the 6 weeks that I was waiting for the authorization to test, many of my classmates were scheduling their exams and passing NCLEX-RN!

I started to get discouraged as I waited, but I took the time to unwind a little bit after 5 years of school and I finally got my authorization to test on July 23rd.

Once I scheduled my exam, I started to study everyday for the exam and I completely went off of all social media the last 2 weeks in order to be able to focus on the exam and not get wrapped up in things that I did not have time for.

BTW- If you are reading this blog post from a Facebook or Twitter link, I am still taking a break for a couple of more weeks from social media so that I can continue to de-stress and go on a very much needed vacation. ❤

I took my exam the morning of August 20th and I have been freaking out thinking that I did not pass the exam.

However, I found out today that I am now a Licensed Registered Nurse in the State of California! 🙂

I do not think that there is anything that can truly prepare one for the NCLEX-RN exam!

I did every single Kaplan qbank question, practice exam, and trainer test to study with, some of them multiple times until I got them correct and I still did not feel that I had passed when I left the testing center.

I did do the Pearson View Trick when I was done with the exam  in the parking lot of the testing center and I got the “Good Popup”, however, I did not feel that it was 100% that I had passed!

Pearson View Trick RN

There is something so mental that happens to you when you do this exam and you have to wait for your results, but I cannot explain it to be able to put it into words!

Only that it is BRUTAL! 😥

On the way home from my exam, I started to think of a backup plan for my career since I knew that I could never (would not) take that exam again!

Not only did I not want to pay the crazy fees to retake the exam, but I never wanted to put myself and my family through that stress again!

And now the REAL FUN of looking for a position as a New Grad begins! ❤

If you have any questions about studying for NCLEX-RN or how to do the Pearson View Trick, send me an email and I will be happy to help!

Peace, Love, & Hugs,


Julia McCabe, RN



Back to Basics & The Winners Are!

June was an exciting month for us! I am happy to say that nursing school is OVER!!!! My grandfather who is a WWII POW surviver pinned my RN pin on my during my graduation ceremony! It was a very special moment for both of us, as he met my grandmother while she was in nursing school in 1945! ❤

Papa Dan

The weekend before my graduation, Tharon and I took a quick trip to Rogue River Oregon to test drive a boat that we have been looking at. We are in the process of ordering the boat and we hope to have it before the end of the year! Keep checking back for updates on the boat process! 🙂

We are happy to be able to offer a monthly contest for our Essential Rewards members each month! The essential oil for July is Thieves! We are getting back to the basics with Thieves EO Blend!! With school start back up in August, this is the perfect essential oil to start the school year off with!

Thieves July

 We are also happy to announce the winners of our 5 contests in June!

Amy FulcherYou Won!

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Wanda Morris was the member who joined Essential Rewards during June 2015 and was randomly selected to win Thieves Spray!

And our monthly Essential Rewards Member winner was Jenica Norris!!!

CF Winner

Last, but certainly not least! We have opened our Diffuser Necklace Store!!! We have a tab here on our blog that will take you to our Facebook Store or you can find it on our Facebook Page

Diffuser quad

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Peace, Love, & Hugs


Julia McCabe

Herald, CA

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The Art of Nursing

art of nursing graphic

As I enter my final quarter of nursing school, I am grateful for the amazing nurses that I have met and worked with along my journey. During the last 2 years, I have learned that becoming a nurse is not something that everyone can do. Nurses are a special breed of people and I am so glad that I have grown into the person that I always wanted to be.

Going back to school part time at 37 and working full time for 3 years was extremely challenging, but so was starting nursing school at 40 and leaving a full time career of over 16 years. Our life has been put on hold for the last 5 years, but it will be WELL WORTH IT once I am finished in June!!!

Over the past 2 years, I have been building my wellness business and I have been networking with other nurses who are also Nurse Entrepreneurs via Facebook. If you are a nurse or a nursing student who is looking for other ways to help your patients, I cannot recommend Andrew Lopez’s Facebook group ENOUGH! Not only have I found other amazing nurses that are building a business to help others, but I have found numerous ways nurses can help others inside and outside of the hospital.

art of nursing

Nurse’s week is coming up in May and I have been invited to a special event that Elizabeth Scala is putting on to help other nurses and nursing students. I am looking forward to her event as I am still finding the nurse that I am meant to be! I would LOVE for YOU to join me in learning more about How to Navigate the Shifting Healthcare Environment and Still Enjoy Your Nursing Career!

As a bonus, if you are a licensed nurse and you join Elizabeth’s Art of Nursing 2.0, you will be will be awarded nine credit hours for completing the Art of Nursing. Details for Continuing Nursing Education (CNEs) can be found on the bottom of the sign up page. In doing so, you will earn CE’s that are need for license renewal and you will renew your nursing career! I hope you will join The Art of Nursing 2.0, as it is sure to uplift you and your nursing career!

Art of nursing banner

Peace, Love, & Hugs!


Julia McCabe


Greener Spring Cleaning With Homemade Laundry Soaps!!

Spring break is here for us and we are trying to catch up on being CRAZY BUSY in nursing school.

During my 12 week quarters I have to set aside things that I would normally do and I play catch up during my breaks.

This break between quarters is my last break before my last 3 months of nursing school and I am trying to clean to get the house ready for another 3 months of slacking off. 😉

Since I am always looking for new green ways to clean, I came across a handful of homemade laundry soaps blogs that I think are great and I just have to share them!

I found an amazing website, HomeTalk that I did not know about until a few weeks ago and I made a board for all of the laundry soap recipes to keep them all together!


Click on the picture above and it will take you to the board that I make for quick reference back to these amazing recipes!

If you have never cruised around on HomeTalk’s website before, you are in for a real treat!

The website is it is like Pinterest, but for home and garden, and so much fun to see what others are doing with their DIY projects!!!

Make sure you follow us on HomeTalk, Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram!! 

Peace, Love, & Hugs!